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When a stock product doesn’t provide the answer, our Bespoke Design Solutions will.

  • Complex or straightforward
  • Large or small quantities from just 100 units.

Templated Bespoke Solutions

A cost effective way to create a calendar which reflects your business and advertising needs.

Take the hassle out of design and create your own calendar in a few easy steps

Complete Bespoke Solutions … for a truly unique calendar design.

Tailored just for your business, a complete bespoke calendar will convey the uniqueness of your business and message to your customers.

  • Ideally suited for larger orders and that individual touch
  • Choose your own calendar design and specification.


Even the shortest runs can be accommodated with our bespoke service, for value for money prices.

Brunel have invested in HP Indigo that allow short runs – which means that you don’t need to turn down that order on the basis of minimum quantities anymore.

Bespoke products add value to the customer’s advertising. It could be as simple as changing the images on a Brunel stock calendar (Templated Bespoke) or creating the entire layout (Full Bespoke).